Media & Digital

Media & Digital

Media & Digital EMTEK’s primary business portfolio. As Indonesia’s most prominent media conglomerate, this business group includes 3 leading nationwide Free-to-Air (FTA) televisions, diversified online/digital media properties, and content distribution and production businesses.


  • PT Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCM)

    SCM is the sub-holding of Emtek’s media division. SCM owns several subsidiaries engaged in broadcasting and content businesses.

    SCM was established in 1999 under the name PT Citra Aneka Selaras and later changed its name to PT Surya Citra Media in 2001. In 2002, SCM conducted Initial Public Offering (IPO) and was listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange with ticker code SCMA.

    SCM possesses solid in-house production capabilities that have effectively and efficiently led SCTV and Indosiar as the top 3 national FTA channels controlling around 30% of national audience share.

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  • PT Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV)

    SCTV is a leading and top-rated national FTA channel in Indonesia which started its operations in 1990. SCTV is broadcasted via 39 transmission stations, covering more than 180 million population. Its comprehensive programs vary from variety show, entertainment, drama, music, news, to sports. Most popular programs include Inbox, Liputan 6, SCTV Music Awards, Infotainment Awards, FTV (TV Movies), and its various drama series.

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  • PT Indosiar Visual Mandiri (Indosiar)

    Started its operations in 1995, Indosiar has been recognized as one of the leading national FTA channels focusing on middle-to-low income group.

    Indosiar is broadcasted via 33 transmission stations, covering more than 180 million population. Indosiar has been well-known for its local and in-house capabilities, especially through its well-equipped studios. Its popular programs include: Dangdut D’Academy, D’Academy Asia and Stand Up Comedia Academy

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  • PT Omni Intivision (MOJI)

    MOJI (previously named O Channel) is a television channel under EMTEK Group with a focus on youth and sports program segmentation.

    With the tagline "Everyday Excitement", MOJI is here to greet viewers as a television that opens new faces with new joy & inspiration through entertainment programs and youth lifestyles and national and international sports programs. The presence of MOJI is expected to be a representation of the character of today's youth television and sports fans in general. 

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  • PT Vidio Dot Com ( is the leading local over the top (OTT) platforms with the widest distribution in Indonesia and biggest content library that offer the most complete content such as Premium Sports Content, Extensive Local Content Library, and Live Stream access to FTA (Free to Air) TV and in-house virtual events. is recognized as APAC's Best Practice global infrastructure provider and original content OTT app, ranked #1 as Top Streaming local contents in South East Asia (SEA) sourced from AMPD Research by Media Partner Asia and dominates 40% of the Top 10 OTT SEA local content.

    In March 2022, was certified as a company with the best work culture by a global independent institution, Great Place to Work and certified again with duration February 2023-February 2024.

    On 29 September 2021, obtained ISO 27001:2013 Certification issued by ACM-CCAS Limited that valid until 27 September 2024 for the information security management system in provision of customer data management for web and mobile video application.

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  • PT Kapan Lagi Dot Com Networks (KLY)

    KLY is the largest media network in Indonesia that presents unlimited solutions and multi platforms. KLY aims to establish and maintain relationship with internet users, build positive sentiment and maintain information credibility through independent news channels.

    KLY manages digital portals known to public namely,,,,,, dan

    Further information about KLY can be found at

  • PT Benson Media Kreasi

    Samara was established in 2019. Samara is a new offline events, influencer marketing, and talent management company as well as a reference point for lifestyle, media & entertainment, particularly for the youths of Indonesia.

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  • PT Screenplay Sinema Film (SSF)

    To support the development of the movie industry, particularly big screen movie, SSF was established 2015. SSF engages in services for movie production and distribution. SSF has emerged as producer of top-grossing Indonesian local movies (motion pictures).

    Its early released movie, Magic Hours has successfully become the Top 5 most-watched Indonesian Movie in 2015 with more than 850,000 audiences. London Love Story, SSF’s second movie, has gained more success with above 1.12 million audiences and earned the label of Top 4 most-watched Indonesian movie on 2016.

  • PT Screenplay Produksi (Screenplay)

    Established in 2010, Screenplay was Emtek’s first subsidiary dedicated to produce TV content and it has showed positive results. Currently, Screenplay has produced many high-rated and award-winning programs including FTV (TV movies) as well as drama series of various genres, mainly for teens and upper-class segments. Most notable drama series include Putih Abu-Abu, Diam-Diam Suka, and Love in Paris.


  • PT Sinemart Indonesia (Sinemart)

    Sinemart was established in 2003. As a leading in the Indonesian film industry, Sinemart is growing rapidly with a portfolio of more than 150 program titles for television and has succeeded producing more than 20 feature films.

    Sinemart production has always held high ratings and get satisfying responses from audience.

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  • PT Indonesia Entertainmen Studio (IES)

    IES was established in 2015 as one of IEG’s subsidiaries. IES focuses on leasing and managing broadcast and movie production equipment and facilities.

    Currently, IES manages more than 60,000 sqm studio facilities supporting Emtek’s content production activities.

  • PT Indonesia Entertainmen Produksi (IEP)

    IEP was also established in 2015 as one of IEG’s subsidiaries. IEP focuses on managing production of in-house content for Emtek’s national FTAs (SCTV and Indosiar) flagship programs.

    Some of IEP’s high-rated programs are D’ Academy, Infotainment Awards, SCTV Music Awards, and Bintang Pantura.