Corporate Governance


The Emtek Group is committed to maintaining Good Corporate Governance (GCG) throughout the Group by applying and auditing the basic principles of transparency, accountability, social responsibility, and independence. The Group imposes systems of supervision to ensure ethical and responsible decision making, integrity in financial reporting, prudent risk management, and appropriate employee and corporate conduct.

The required framework within the Group to implement and oversee these principles of GCG has been established.

The Composition of the Board of Commissioners includes two Independent Commissioners. In compliance with prevailing capital market laws, the Company have also appointed a Head of Internal Audit Unit and a Company Secretary.

The identification and management of risk is key to the Emtek Group achieving its strategic objectives and delivering long-term value to its shareholders. The scope of businesses in which we operate means that a range of factors may impact on our performance as a Group. The Board of Directors constantly reviews the risk profile of the Group’s businesses and the Board has put in place a number of policies and internal controls to assist the management teams of the subsidiaries in their day-to-day assessment of risks to their respective businesses.

To ensure the implementation of good corporate governance throughout the Company, a set of policies and charters are established ("Charter").

Code of Conduct

Good Corporate Governance

Board Of Commissioners' Charter

Board of Directors' Charter

Audit Committee's Charter

Nomination and Remuneration's Charter

Internal Audit Unit's Charter

Guidelines on Implementation Of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibilities

Anti Corruption, Bribery, and Ilegal Donation Policy

Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing Of Terrorism Policy

Whistleblowing System

Employee Grievance Procedure Policy

Dividend Policy

Environmental Policy

Human Rights, Child Labour, Disability and Sexual Harassment Policy

Key Management Succession Policy

Political Commitment Policy

Risk Management Policy

Supplier Selection and Creditors Protection Policy

Tax Policy

Related Party Transaction (RPT) & Conflict of Interest Policy

Performance Assessment Policy of The Board of Commissioners and The Board of Directors

Privacy and Data/Information Protection Policy

Information Technology Governance Policy

Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee's Charter

Editorial Policy

Code Of Ethics for Advertising

Child Protection Policy

Risk Oversight Committee

Climate Strategy Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) In the Workplace Policy