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Company Overview

Founded in 1983 as PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi (the EMTEK Group), a company providing personal computer services, the EMTEK Group has evolved into a modern, integrated group of companies with four main business: Media & Digital, Healthcare, Financial Services & Others, and Technology & Digital Infrastructure.

Media & Digital EMTEK’s primary business portfolio. As Indonesia’s most prominent media conglomerate, this business group includes various nationwide Free-to-Air (FTA) televisions, diversified online/digital media properties, and content distribution and production businesses.

EMTEK also realizes the importance of growing and improving health services to meet the demands of the increasing Indonesian population through hospitals in order to meet the needs of the community with quality healthcare services. We see this as a window of opportunity for the Company to grow while benefiting & contributing to the community.

In Financial & Other Services, EMTEK presents digital financial solutions in the form of banking and electronic payments as well as various new initiatives and breakthroughs in the field of digital technology such as e-commerce, ride-hailing applications and various other digital services.

EMTEK also complements its business in Digital Technology & Infrastructure, namely a series of digital infrastructure and information services, communications and informatics services and technology solutions for industrial telecommunications, banking, and retail payments, including service solutions for integrated VSAT, and retail distribution of telecommunications services.

EMTEK's innovation and expansion continues, on 12 January 2010 EMTEK conducted an Initial Public Offering of 10% of the total paid-up capital on the Indonesia Stock Exchange to obtain funds for developing its business investment.

Our Vision

To be a leading and reliable provider of media, digital technology infrastructure healthcare services and financial services in Indonesia that offer solutions to serve the needs of the Indonesian people in a sustainable manner.

Our Mission

  • EMTEK always strives to be the people's first choice in media, digital technology infrastructure, healthcare services, and financial services by offering a variety of innovative solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the customers.
  • EMTEK promotes a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvements in order to realize a better and world-quality experience for all users of products and services available within the EMTEK ecosystem.
  • EMTEK creates a fair economy powered by technology on our innovative online and offline platforms to open up equal opportunities for everyone.
  • EMTEK encourages change in the way people do the business, access quality financial and health services, obtain information and enjoy entertainment through the use of the latest technologies enabled through synergy between business entities within the EMTEK ecosystem.


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  • On 20 January 2022, EMTEK through PT Elang Media Visitama ("EMV") invited strategic partners to jointly develop PT Bank Fama International ("FAMA"), through a purchase transaction of new shares of Bank FAMA. The transaction changed the composition of share ownership in Bank FAMA, where EMV owned 62.76%, PT Nusantara Berkat Agung owned 4.72%, while Grab and Singtel each owned 16.26%. and on 21 April 2022, EMTEK through its subsidiary, PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk, purchased 28% shares in PT Nitrasanata Dharma (NSD) (Jakarta Eye Center).
  • EMTEK Group became one of the sponsors in "B20 of G20 Indonesia Presidency" event on 13-14 November, 2022, which brought forward several topics of discussion relating to efforts to promote a resilient and sustainable economic growth with the global business community and formulate policy recommendations on the determined issues.
  • EMTEK Group has gained trust as the official broadcaster of the world’s biggest sporting event, that was, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to perform live broadcasts for the period starting from 20 November 2022 – 18 December 2022 on several platforms of the EMTEK Group, namely Indosiar, SCTV, O Channel (rebranded to MOJI), Vidio live streaming as well as on Nex Parabola and Champions TV.