Sustainability (ESG)

Pundi Amal Peduli Kasih Foundation

In carrying out its activities, Pundi Amal Peduli Kasih Foundation has a mission to support the nation's character, support the improvement of the nation's welfare through health, environment, and community empowerment programs, and to relieve the burden of natural disasters victims.

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Free Cataract Surgery Programs

YPP is organizing free cataract surgery programs in various regions in Indonesia throughout 2023, helping more than 2,560 people. This initiative not only restores vision, but also creates a positive impact in improving the quality of life of the community.

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Organized Blood Donation

Throughout 2023, YPP has organized blood donation events in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, and Sidoarjo, benefiting more than 8,105 people.

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Eradicate Stunting

YPP supports the Government of Indonesia's movement to eradicate stunting by providing 1,917 packages of nutritious food, including eggs, green beans, milk powder, and others, during 2023.

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